Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 5


  1. Hi Rosemary
    I really enjoyed your Google Presentation. That color purple drew me in. You also have some very interested facts in one of the slides. I never knew that color guard uses rifles and sabres. That is neat. Did you ever do a routine with one of those items? I would probably be nervous to perform with one of those. I was also impressed with your friend graduating and now at Harvard. Best of luck to him. The flow of your presentation was nice.
    How did you begin to collect spoons? I have always wanted to have a collection of some sort, but I never got into it. Maybe one day I will begin it.

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    I enjoyed your Presentation! I think it is awesome that you were so involved with sports. But what I found interesting is your hobbies slide! I have never met anyone that has collected spoons. You always find that most people collect other things like shot glasses, or something. Spoons are very unique! I have a collection of my own but not souvenirs from different places. I collect Wonder Woman stuff. Nerdy, I know! :) But I really enjoyed your Presentation, very well done!