Sunday, February 12, 2012

C4T 1 - Arvind S. Grover

Arvind S. Grover

Arvind S. Grover is doing some amazing things in the world of education. He is the Dean of Faculty at a school in New York that is trying to add a high school over the next few years. At this school they are working towards modern classes with modern teachers. There will be fewer classes per day, but they will be for a longer time period with no academic classes following each other. The first class of the day will be fitness, and lunch will be an hour long and managed mostly by students. My favorite thing was that Wednesdays would be a lab day where the students will be able to take trips, do work in the community, or have extra study time. I would have loved a high school like this. This way of learning is so innovative and should be admired, as I hope it is.

He also posted a picture about raising awareness of racist costumes during Halloween. This poster was designed by Students Teaching About Racism in Society. I have actually seen this picture all over the internet. He also mentions the use of provocative costumes by women. This subjects women to judgement by those around them. Women should have more respect for themselves, and they do not need to subject themselves to this judgement.

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