Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 10 - PLN

PLN on Symbaloo

I have stuck with using Symbaloo; I really like the layout it provides, and it makes my PLN so much easier to organize. On the top row (the first eight), I still have the tools that I use the most: Facebook, Gmail, Google, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Timetoast, and Apple. The first seven tiles of the next row has blogs and Twitter pages for Arvind S. Grover, Silvia Tolisano, David Wees, and Jenny Luca. These were the four people I had for my C4Ts. Then in the top right corner I have two students' blogs and Twitter pages that I really enjoyed. Their names are Lindsey Edwards and Diane Boudreau. On the fourth row on the right-hand side, I have Dr. Strange's blogs and Twitter page. Then the last two rows are full of blogs and Twitter pages that have in some way come from this class. Here I have Sir Ken Robinson's blog and Twitter page, Laura Holifield's blog and Twitter page, Lauren McKenzie's blog and Twitter page, Joe McClung's blog and Twitter page, John T. Spencer's blog and Twitter page, Kathy Cassidy's Twitter page, and Paige Vitulli's Twitter page.

Here is the PLN I have come up with so far:
Arvind S. Grover - Blog and Twitter
Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano - Blog and Twitter
David Wees - Blog
Jenny Luca - Blog and Twitter
Lindsey Edwards - Blog and Twitter
Diane Boudreau - Blog and Twitter
Dr. Strange - Personal Blog, Professional Blog, and Twitter
Sir Ken Robinson - Blog and Twitter
Laura Holifield - Blog and Twitter
Lauren Mckenzie - Blog and Twitter
Joe McClung - Blog and Twitter
John T. Spencer - Blog and Twitter
Kathy Cassidy - Twitter
Paige Vitulli - Twitter

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