Wednesday, April 18, 2012

C4K Summary for April


Emily B

Emily B is a student in Vermont, and I commented on her blog for three weeks for the world blog challenge. her posts weren't very long, but I really liked how she incorporated pictures into her blog posts. The first post I commented on on Emily B's blog was titled, "Some things you don't know about me." She listed 13 things about herself, and this really helped me get to know a little bit about her. She has a lot of animals like I do so I got to talk to her about animals some, and she told me that her favorite animals were dogs and horses.

The next post I commented on was titled, "teaching my dog." In this post she talked about teaching her dog new tricks, and how good her dog is at learning them. I told her that we teach our dogs lots of tricks. I also told her about how smart pigs are, and how they can be trained to live inside and do other tricks. This is what we're doing with our new pig.

The final post that I commented on was titled, "smoking." she talked about the horrible effects smoking causes to your body, and I backed her up on these points. She also included a picture of what your lungs will look like if you smoke. It's a horrible habit, and I'm glad she can see that.

Each time I commented on one of her posts I reminded her that I'd be looking for another post the next week, and she always had one. On my last post, I also encouraged her to continue blogging because it's a great use of technology, and it is also a great place to practice writing. Not to mention how it's an awesome way to share ideas.


Tom is a Year 1 student of Mrs. Jenny She in New Zealand. Tom's blog post was located in the class blog under March, and it was the tenth post down. It was titled, "Tom had a Wonderful Weekend!" His blog post included a picture that he had drawn on paint, and he had a video of himself talking about his weekend. He got a PSP and some games to go with it. I told him about how my nephews each have one, and how he should use it to learn as well as have fun.

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