Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post 12

Mathematics, English, Science, and History

I'm an elementary education major so I'll have to teach all subjects. This kind of made this assignment hard because I'm not really sure how to make my own blog post assignment that covers all the subjects I'll be teaching. This is why I decided to focus on these four subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, and History. Think about which subject you have the most trouble with, and then find and share a website that helps you better understand it (or do this for each subject). Also, try to make the website interactive so you are actually engaged and learning something.

I have done this for all four subjects.





Make sure you are actually finding useful websites so you can refer to them later if you need some ideas on how to get through to a student. I have picked websites that are student based, but your websites can be teacher based if you think those would be more useful.


  1. Hey Rosey! I think this assignment is great! I think that it can be a very useful assignment for all of us planning on being teachers because it makes us look for help on the internet. Good job! :)
    Jessica Scarpa

  2. I really like this assignment. The websites that you chose are great. I am also elementary education and I know that it was difficult to come up with something for all subjects. I was particularly intrigued with the social studies website. I can't wait to use some of the games. Great Job!